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Botanica Houston ™Call Today! 713.230.8875 The products we manufacture are the best in the market today, FDA approved raw materials, select all components for sale with an ear toward your relationship with life. you need order Retail and Bulk please Call 713.230.8875 “Greatest Discount” Always consult a Babalawo, Mr. Gregorio Santos is recognized as ifa priest, for his information on priest of Santeria is the only Yoruba diviners to use the Oracle of Ifa, one of the most accurate systems complexes used in divination and the esoteric.

Before starting a job for mooring santeria love and dominate a person to not abandon you, call 713-230-8875 ‘re not worried we will help you always visit a professional expert to increase the chance of success at work , and the good results coming soon to your life.

Babalawo (Babaaláwo in full and pronounced Baba-a-LAWO, “parent or teacher of mysticism” literally means in Yoruba language) is a Yoruba chieftaincy title denoting a priest of Ifa. Ifa is a divination system that represents the teachings of the Orisha Orunmila, the Spirit of Wisdom, which in turn serves as a representative of the oracle of God. Babalawo aims to determine the future by communicating with Orunmila. This is done through the interpretation of any of chain patterns of divination known as Opele or palm nuts called Ikin in tray traditionally wooden divination. “(Botanica Houston)

Much information about the moorings of love, as I said not all people have the gift to do an effective job, nor do they have enough protection to keep them from affecting your life in quierien do the experiment, witchcraft is a profession very delicate we took the birth Cuban santeria inside our blood and the experience gained through the years ensures that you are in the hands of high-level professionals in Cuban Santeria.

Babalawo in Botanica Houston ™.

Gregorio Santos babalawo Cuban religion enshrined recognized Lucumi comes from a religious family and prestigious in the world of Santeria.    

Botanica Houston made all kinds of spiritual work.

Our work is guaranteed to the orishas do rituals according to the sign of Ifa, for our religious friends in our religion or just starting to feed the warriors, and other Orishas and ellegua Irunmoles.

We deliver service for spiritual protection warriors ellegua orula hand and according to the level where you are.

African magic used by Cuban Santeria Ifa, we clean businesses, homes, and shops, we will open our spiritual works all roads based on my personal experience as oracle babalawo and African ancestry. ArtBotanica Houston