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Use of this site is reserved exclusively for people with legal majority in your country of residence, and that they have the legal capacity to contract and use a Web site The user is required to guarantee the truth and accuracy of the information provided. Access to the contents of this site is subject to the fact of having a direct or indirect access to the Internet. The costs of telephone communications on the Internet and the site are assumed entirely by the user. is a web site entertainment and personal growth self offers fun content on the subjects of arts and sciences of divination, including astrology, numerology, Taromancy and horoscopy. This site, through its content, not intended to guarantee the realization of events, these are purely recreational, leisure or cultural purpose, services, consulting, products, etc., provided and its affiliates or employees not replace modern medicine, IN NO EVENT WILL REPLACED THE ADVICE, CONTENT, OR PRODUCTS PROVIDED TO THE LEGAL ADVICE, MEDICAL OR PSYCHOLOGICAL GRANTED BY a PROFESSIONAL. IF YOU HAVE ANY CHRONIC DISEASE, MENTAL INSTABILITY OR IF A PARTICULAR PROBLEMS FACING (BY LEGAL OR JUDICIAL EXAMPLE), SEE NO LATER THAN PROFESSIONAL ADAPTED TO YOUR disease, disorder or problem.

You may not get the desired results so or any affiliated company EMPLOYEES not indemnified or not pay for the results obtained.
You “user” understands that it is solely responsible for the service requested, product purchases, etc. or make use of any service offered by, the advice and information received from are under the responsibility of the user or contact-so is strictly for adults and by law where it is regulated. came to where the user allows common sense by your information is very important for us and wariness admistrara cautiously without sharing with absolutely anyone.

The pictures used are pictures of illustration, with the sole purpose of promoting their content dealing Arts and Sciences divining.

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